RWC Inspections

Till Hino Ballarat has been Licensed by VicRoads to conduct Truck roadworthy inspections and issue RWC Certificates from our Breakwater workshop.

The process includes a through mechanical safety inspection as per the NHVR roadworthy inspection guidelines. This process can range between 4 for a light duty truck through to 8+ Hours depending on class of truck, axles, hubs etc., and if necessary, a follow-up inspection within 7 days, & then the issue of a Roadworthy Certificate for vehicles that pass.

Roadworthy inspections are performed at our Till Hino Ballarat dealership in our dedicated RWC bay. Once an RWC certificate has been issued it will be valid for 30 days and can be used for the registration, Transfer or sale of a vehicle.

If you require a comprehensive check of the overall condition of the vehicle we can provide an independent report.

Where an item is identified as not meeting the National Heavy Vehicle Regulators RWC inspection standards this will be reported and rectification options will be advised, a re-inspection must be undertaken within 7 days checking off these items or else the certificate will be void and a new full RWC check will be be required, once satisfactory then an Roadworthy certificate can be issued.

Call our service department on 1300 446 662 to arrange a Roadworthy inspection.
Alternatively, you can schedule an Heavy Vehicle inspection online.

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Need a RWC for a Car, Ute or Van?
Till Hino Geelong have Light Vehicle testing staff on site for same day inspections for booking before 10AM subject to availability.

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